Quincy Town Center is an active community partner, working with many local businesses and companies to present programs that build their brand while enhancing the experience of our guests. From product displays to special event sponsorships, our partners are learning there are few better places to build lasting relationships with area customers than at Quincy Town Center.

For all sponsorship, event and promotional requests and inquiries, please contact Mike Jenkins by calling (217) 641-9201 or emailing.

Refreshment Services Pepsi of Quincy

Official non-alcoholic beverage of Quincy Town Center and Pepsi Play Area Sponsor, Refreshment Services Pepsi of Quincy is the exclusive provider of non-alcoholic beverage at Quincy Town Center. Shoppers can enjoy conveniently located vending machines, regular samplings and promotional offers. Refreshment Services Pepsi of Quincy also sponsors the Pepsi Play Area for toddlers located at the center’s west end, and the Pepsi Play Area & Energy Zone on the east end.